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Why our products are different - new hybrid hand/ wrist guard

Posted by Emma Witham on

The latest handgrip on the market, launched last month with RXDPRO. Over the past few months we have been to a number of Box's talking to a range of people, and actually listening to what you have to say. We understand that products need to be versatile, especially for those that are into Crossfit and have multiple movements required to be performed in a short period and fast passed period of time. 


Alot of people talked to us about the velcro cutting in, other talked to us about convenience, and finally design and feel. So we came up with the hybrid hand and compression wrist guard, slip over the hand and onto the index and middle finger. 


Available in multiple sizes small, med, large and also can be made for kids.


Colours available - Black, Blue, Pink, Purple.

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